Are you ready to be healthier, stronger, & more focused

... without wasting time on expensive solutions that don't work!

One thing I see over and over is incredibly dedicated parents that are stretched too thin trying to take care of themselves while juggling all the moving parts of raising a family.

You know that you need to prioritize yourself but it seems IMPOSSIBLE.

Between work, grocery shopping, soccer practice, making lunches, yard work, school meetings… are you supposed to find the time (and ENERGY) to eat healthy or take an hour to get to the gym?

You feel like you have to choose between taking care of yourself and being a good parent.

Trust me, I’ve BEEN there, and there is another way.

If you’re struggling to prioritize your health, I'm going to show you the EXACT steps…

To get out from under the stress.

To alleviate the overwhelm.

To calm the GUILT of being an impossibly busy parent in today’s world.

AND I’m going to support you in upgrading your energy & health so you can be fully present for yourself, your family, and your life!.

It's time to...


    Discover exactly what's holding you back from looking, feeling and being your best.

  • HEAL

    Apply proven, powerful health tweaks to transform your health from the inside out.


    Enjoy sustained energy and focus to UPgrade all areas of your life.

- Dave O.

"As a husband and a father, taking care of my family is the most important thing to me."

- Dave O.

I feel the thing that sets him apart from others is the one-on-one care you give to each person and the individual plans to make them better. Not a cookie cutter approach like others. As a husband and a father, taking care of my family is the most important thing to me. It wasn’t easy, but with Dr. Ryan's help I’m able to enjoy time with my wife and daughters pain free.

The UPGRADE Program

The A-Z health system for busy parents to upgrade their energy, focus, and longevity.

  • A 90 Day At-Home Program to transform your health with simple, powerful step-by-step solutions.

  • Every single health hack I've used to get amazing results for 1000's of clients packed into a week-by-week formula to support you to create long-lasting change without the guilt and restriction.

  • The EXACT roadmap I've used to UPGRADE energy, focus, longevity, fitness and mindset of myself and my clients.

The Program

This 8-module program is designed to transform your health in 90 days or less with a proven step-by-step system to reveal, heal and upgrade your energy, focus & longevity.

  • Module 1: Getting Started

    Assess your brain, body, and mind to establish a reference point for your eventual physical and mental health upgrades.

  • Module 2: Focus & Mindset

    Create a growth mindset for sustainable health, energy, & longevity with a focus and mindset foundation.

  • Module 3: Food, Fuel, & Nutrition Training

    Implement simple eating and detoxification to elevate your brain, body, and energy.

  • Module 4: reFresh & Sleep Training

    Maximize restorative sleep to repair and re-energize for the day (and life) ahead.

  • Module 5: Function, Spine, & Posture Training

    Achieve freedom, flow, and optimal function using advanced spine and postural movement techniques.

  • Module 6: Fitness, Movement, & Exercise Training

    Easily incorporate regular movement and exercise for lifelong physical fitness.

  • Module 7: Faith, Purpose, & Contribution Training

    Understand the power of faith and purpose for your health & longevity.

  • Module 8: Lifestyle & Longevity Habits

    Enjoy a lifestyle of continual body, brain, energy, & longevity upgrades.


  • BONUS #1: Personal Health Map Session

    To make sure that you kick this program off with a bang, I'll lead you through a 1:1 personal health mapping session where we figure out the smallest changes you can make to get the best results. This is a game-changer on its own!

  • BONUS #2: Personal Health Roadmap

    Once we've had your mapping session, I'll personally put together your step-by-step roadmap that tells you exactly where to zero in for your unique situation and what cornerstone habits will have the biggest impact FOR YOU.

  • BONUS #3: 6 Extra Months of Support

    An additional SIX MONTHS of access to the program, resources, and 1:1 support from me via the Private Facebook Community.


The step-by-step roadmap to transform your health in 90 days or less.


9 Steps to Optimal Energy, Focus & Longevity

- Dan P.

"Dr. Ryan's caring words and actions continue to be a constant personal force in my life..."

- Dan P.

Just saying thank you is not enough. Dr. Ryan has helped me to understand, make happen and enjoy a more optimal and total positive quality of life.

Is this program right for you?

  • You've tried other programs and haven't found the solution that's ideal for you as a parent (one that takes in account the added stress of raising a family!).

  • You're overwhelmed and don't know where to start.

  • You're tired of your busy life stopping you from looking, feeling & being your best.

  • You feel like you have to choose between being health and being a good parent or caregiver.

  • You're struggling to find time and energy to put your health first.

  • You never want to waste time and money on the wrong solution again.

Is it time to stop "getting through"?

I've helped 1000's of clients completely transform their health and UPgrade their life in every area.

From being able to take on new job opportunities, to getting fit, to skyrocketing their energy in a matter of weeks...

But, by far, the greatest reward is watching incredible, dedicated parent shift out of reactive mode and into the version of themselves that they're proud of.

The version that shows up full of energy for their kids.

The version that is changing the story of health in their family.

The version that is SHOWING their children how to live fully.

The version that will live a healthy, happy life well into their 70's, 80's, and 90's!

What You'll Get

This program is designed to give you exactly what you need to make life-long changes to your energy, focus and longevity.

  • Weekly lessons with only the top resources and foundational knowledge required to create lasting change.

  • A weekly protocol and action steps to implement small, sustainable changes as we go.

  • Brain & Metabolic Energy Self Assessments: Built in structure to know where to start, what to focus on, and what to do to track your progress.

  • Daily Support & Accountability: Access to Dr. Ryan's Private Facebook Group for unlimited support and a community of open-minded and inspired parents.

    Each week you'll be given the learning modules and action steps for you to make simple, powerful changes to your health step-by-step.


    Get support, accountability, and access to Dr. Ryan and other inspired and like-minded parents through the dedicated UPgrade Program Facebook Group and LIVE Q&A calls.


    Reveal, heal, and UPgrade your health through a proven system that's broken down into bite-size steps to ENSURE your transform your health for life-long sustained change.

 - Jessica J.

"I’m able to work more and participate in life more..."

- Jessica J.

I wasn’t able to live my life because of my chronic debilitating pain and headaches. Now that I’m able to do all these things with my family, I feel better about myself, the time I’m spending with my kids, the investment I made into my health and future.
 - Lisa S.

"I’m so happy my family and I found you..."

- Lisa S.

You actually took the time to assess what MY body needed and gave me an effective treatment plan that worked! Here I am out of pain and feeling much better about my weight and my health. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Meet Dr. Ryan

I believe THE most important thing we can do as parents is to take care of our health so we can have balance, energy, enjoyment and freedom in our lives to take care of our families. So we don’t have to go thru the struggles our parents did, or what many parents are going through now with guilt or frustration with a healthy work-family balance.

What others are saying...


"Your practice is exactly what the world needs. If medical practitioners would only get to the root of their patients' problems instead of masking them with drugs, we could have a healthier humanity.

Dr. Wohlfert is the rare doctor who is compelled to illuminate and solve unwanted health conditions at the source."

- Gail J


  • Do I get access to all the program content right away?

    The program is set up to give you building blocks week-by-week. As soon as you join, you get access to the welcome module and the self-assessment

  • Will I receive any support directly from Dr. Ryan?

    Heck yeah! As part of signing up for the program, you automatically receive access to Dr. Ryan’s DIY UPgrade Program Private Facebook group. In this group, Dr. Ryan will be available weekly on the Live Q&A “House Calls” to answer your questions. There will also be additional educational materials and information posted in this group regularly.

  • Do I have lifetime access to the program?

    It is an 8 week program but you have access for 6 months to ensure that you can integrate all of the resources and get the system in place in your life for good!

  • Do you offer refunds?

    I believe in this program so much that if after 30 days, you've implemented my system and haven't seen any results - I will happily refund your purchase.

  • Will I be able to download the videos and PDFs?

    You got that right!! Anything that’s downloadable is yours to keep, refer to, and continue to learn from forever.

  • Who is this program for?

    This program is for people (especially PARENTS) who are dealing with low energy, fatigue, poor focus… those suffering from “JUST-GETTING-THROUGH-THE-DAY-ITIS.” This program includes lessons and modules mindset, nutrition, posture, fitness, sleep, and purpose. All are essential aspects of enjoying a long active life with your family.

  • How long will the UPgrade Program take?

    This will vary depending on you, your health history, and current health status… and if you’re doing the work consistently. Dr. Ryan includes self-assessments in the program which help guide and direct the program for you specifically. Generally speaking, working through this program will take about 3 months, and sometimes slightly longer.

  • What if I need extra support after my membership with the program ends?

    After the initial 9 months, you can add an additional year of access and support. This gives you continued access to a growing library of workouts, recipes, mindset tools, sleep strategies, and of course the Q&A House Calls… all designed with parents in mind. This renewal can be on a month-to-month basis or yearly.

  • Are supplements required or included in the program?

    In the program, Dr. Ryan will address and recommend supplements. They’re optional, but for some people they’re necessary to support brain and body health. Not all supplements are created equal so Dr. Ryan wants you have the highest quality supplements at warehouse prices. All UPgrade members will receive a 15% discount on specific supplements.

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